Top 5 Android Accounting Apps for Your Business

Accounting apps are increasingly becoming popular among business owners, thanks to the fact that they provide them with a convenient way of sending invoices to clients, accepting payments, planning budgets and billing clients. But like other Android apps, Android accounting apps aren’t made equal. Some come with more features than others.  Here are top 5 Android accounting apps for small business.

  1. Zoho Books

Credit: Zoho

This is one of the most popular Android accounting apps thanks to its language support and multi-currency features. With this app, users can easily bill clients in their local currency. The app is available in 11 languages and lets you draft and send estimates in addition to helping you send record expenses, bills, and invoices. This is a nifty little app to do your accounting on the go.

  1. FreshBooks

Credit: FreshBooks

This Android accounting app is designed for business owners looking for a simple accounting software without too many bells and whistles. The app lets you create estimates and then send them to clients. With its Invoice Status feature, you can easily check whether the client has received the invoices.  Besides accepting payments via multiple online payments options such as credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and e-checks, it also integrates with well over 70 Android apps.

  1. Xero

Credit: Xero

Xero is a renowned leader in the world of accounting apps. The app helps you manage your cash flow and keep track of your finances. Moreover, you can conveniently check your account balances, upload receipts, invoice customers and submit expense claims.  Users can view their financial details and see their business bank accounts, view PayPal balances and credit card balances. The best part about the app is that it is remarkably easy to use, not to mention that it is designed with multitasking in mind.

  1. Harvest

Credit: Harvest

This Android accounting app is a favorite for small business owners. It is designed to help manage expenses and time. It is actually among the few Android accounting apps for small business that come with project management features. It also includes a timer designed to track the exact time spent on projects. Better still, the app can support manual entry of non-billable and billable hours. The app lets you snap receipts with the phone’s camera, record payments, send invoices and log expenses.

  1. Xpenditure

Credit: Xpenditure

This app is a valuable tool that is specially designed to enable you to manage your taxes, reimbursements, and expenses.   It is also designed with simplicity in mind, thus allowing you to log your expenses easily. You actually just need photos of your receipts, and the scanning feature of this app will do the rest of the work. The app can also be used to generate reports anytime you need to. The multi-purpose Android app is designed to make work easy for small business owners.


Having the best Android apps for small business can significantly boost your small business and help you manage time and costs. You can always get a custom accounting app for your business by hiring an app developer company.