7 Common Software Engineering Interview Questions

If you are a software engineer who wants to get a little bit more of experience on the job market, you are aware of the fact that you will have to go through a very exhausting application process, before you reach the point of being invited to an interview. When it comes to interviews themselves, they definitely depend on the company, their policy, and interests, but there are also some very common and usual questions for software engineers, no matter where you have applied. The job market is cruel, and you have to be ready that you are going to go through many difficulties and obstacles, including wrong jobs before you find the one where you will enjoy and be happy to give your maximum. It is why it would be quite useful for you to read this list and get ready for your next interview. However, we can’t resist mentioning the field service management software, now when we talk about software engineers. Don’t forget to check out this service, if you run a business that needs such support. But, let us go back to interview questions. We got some of the great ideas from Paysa.

  1. What projects have you been focused on at your current job?

You should know that this question is usually being asked to check your previous experience, as the best way to check it is to see the number and the nature of projects that you have already dealt with.

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2. Do you have any leadership experience?

Leadership experience matters, no matter what you do, as almost all of the jobs today require teamwork and strong leaders. So, work on that aspect, too!

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3. Do you have experience with a certain coding language/technology we use here at XYZ Company?

Be honest. Never lie about your experience, unless you are incredible at faking it. Remember one thing, not knowing something does not discredit you immediately, but lying does.

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4. Describe your ideal company culture.

Company culture matters, and by describing your ideal one, the possible employers may see whether you fit the ideal of their working place. As simple as that.

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5. What’s your preferred language for complex algorithms?

As a software engineer, you are definitely expected to have a preferred language for complex algorithms, which also speaks a lot about your experience, being the reason why this question is really important.

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6. What project are you most proud of in your career thus far? Why?

Having many projects that you are really proud of and that helped you improve yourself as a successful software engineer will definitely single you out from the rest of the candidates, so prepare to brag about your successes.

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7. Describe a project that failed.

Besides having very successful projects, it is also very important to have projects that failed. That means that you have tried to achieve something and that you have learned from your mistakes, so don’t be ashamed of it.

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